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Welcome to our foundation!

The Biscuit Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization founded in 2008 to assure pet owners peace of mind by providing short to long term care for their pet in the event of the pet owners terminal illness, hospitalization, recovery from surgery or sickness. Placement services would be provided for pets whose owners have entered a nursing facility or passed away. Please read more to learn about what we are doing to help.


How it all began...

Debbie Fuller began Pampered Pets in 1984 providing Grooming and Boarding services for pets in the Alamance County area. The business grew quickly and a unique, close-knit relationship developed between Debbie and her clients. She sincerely cared about the pets and their owners, making sure they were happy with the services received. Debbie's opinion was highly valued, as clients would ask her thoughts on everything from behavioral to medical issues where their pets were concerned. She gained their trust they knew they could count on her. As the years went on, Pampered Pets saw young pets growing into seniors and their owners aging as well. There had been numerous situations over the years where a sick or elderly client may have no other alternative but to give up their pet because they could no longer provide care for them and Debbie was  the first one they called. She would always help and they trusted her. A new foundation for Alamance County was waiting to emerge to help the sick and elderly with their pets.... The Biscuit Foundation!!!

Our Vision...
It is our commitment that no companion pet shall be surrendered to a animal shelter and perhaps face possible euthanasia due to the fact that the owner became terminally ill, entered a nursing home or passed away. The Biscuit Foundation is committed to offering hope to pet owners when faced with making these life-changing decisions concerning the future of their beloved pet. Being an all-volunteer foundation, we strive to build a strong network of supporters who believe in our purpose and cause. Together, with hard work and dedication The Biscuit Foundation seeks to grow and help pet owners in these difficult times.





Read a few stories about some

 of the people and

 pets we have helped.





Our first Foundation pet

Lady Boo turned 16 years

old on March 4, 2010.

I am sad to say that our sweet Lady Boo passed away on
March 25, 2010


We had an awesome time at our
1st Annual Ride For Rescues & Family Cookout

at Lucky's Saloon!

Thanks to our Donors.

 We would like to thank all of those who have donated in one way or the other. Please visit our donation page to see the growing list.